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Floral lotion fine organic lavender

Product no.: 0177

Floral Water Organic Lavender is ideal for all skin types in search of purity. It provides a concentrated daily sharpness and balance. 

8.50 *

Foral lotion organic wild carrot

Product no.: 0178

This floral water bio wild carrots is reputed to soothe redness and irritation. It promotes regeneration of your skin.  

8.50 *

Chamomile floral lotion Bio

Product no.: 0176

The floral water of chamomile is known to soothe and calm the skin irritées.Elle also takes care of your hair.

8.50 *

cornflower Lotion Bio

Product no.: 0179

The real Floral Water Bio blueberry is known to soften, soothe and relieve tired eyes. And let the magic happen ...

8.50 *

floral lotion balm bio

Product no.: 0180

Known for its softening and soothing, balm calm water effectively skin irritation and itching.  

8.50 *
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